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thank you for watching, everyone. >>shepard: and now box number, the iran president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, has a speech at the u.n. at a meeting on nuclear policy. and a man has dinner with ahmadinejad last night joins us like. and box two: the pledge to america. how republicans say they will change washington if voters put them in power. and in box three, i chomping at bit, one of the suspects text messages sent hours before prosecutors say he and another robbed, raibd, and murdered three people in a home invasion. that's all to come unless breaking news changes everything on studio b but first from fox at 3:00, the president of the united states speaks directly to his counterparts from the nations of the world. president obama addressed the u.n. general assembly and the speech touched on the international financial crisis. then turned to strained
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relations between countries and leaders. that, of course, includes iran and its president mahmoud ahmadinejad who is expected at a nuclear test ban treaty meeting this hour and our president tried to convince president and their president to get serious about talks to scale back the nuclear program. >> the united states and the international community seek a resolution to our differences with iran and the door remains open to diplomacy if iran chooses to walk through. but the iranian government must demonstrate a clear commitment and to show the peaceful intent. >>shepard: the leaders of the united states says iran's intent for the nuclear program is anything but peaceful aimed at creating atomic bombs. president obama also talked about the middle east conflict pushing for a two-state solution for the israelis and the palestinians. and now, our reporter has
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traveled to new york with the president. president obama did not devote much time to the issue but clearly there is a lot of buzz and he and ahmadinejad here in new york at the same time. >>reporter: they are talking past each other. ahmadinejad is scheduled to speak this hour and the president talking about it and officials say the iranians know what they have to do, come clean on the nuclear program. tomorrow morning president obama will speak to an eastern iran audience and do an interview with bbc persia and speak to the iranian people tomorrow hoping to say we perceive better relations with you, the people, and better economic relations if we could do something about your government or if your government does better. >>shepard: on the middle east, many leaders tried and failed. over and over. what is this president planning to do? >> well, u.s. presidents feel an obligation to give it a shot. u.s. officials right now believe the issue is ripe. they feel like with both countries, the israelis and the
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palestinians, directly talking to one another, this could be a good time for progress so they felt like having the president in front of all those nations today, elevating the issue and saying "the time is now," do not come back next year and give the spaich speeches with the same talking points. >>shepard: what else stood out in the speech? >>reporter: we did not hear much about north korea. >>shepard: i wonder why? >> aides say issues are ripe they tried to bring to the forefront and he is proposal meeting with japanese and chinese officials and there is probably more discussion about north korea and they thought that was the best place to do it rather than a war of words with kim chong-il. >>shepard: when it looks like they could consider changing the regime? looks like. we don't know. >>reporter: exactly. >>shepard: nice to have you in the big city. a programming note, i am
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scheduled to interview president mahmoud ahmadinejad tomorrow and we will hear what he has to say about the nuclear program and relations is with the united states and other countries and i will ask him about the bomb issue and the threat that he wants israel to be blown off the face of the earth and coming up the international security expert had dinner with the iranian president and i was fascinated to hear what his tone was last night. first time i heard it described like this. he will be with us in a few minutes. the public face of the obama administration could be changing. today word of another member of the the president's circle will step aside. you may have word the chief of staff rahm emanuel is now expected to run for mayor of chicago but now we are told president's senior advisor, david axelrod could leave next year to work on the president's re-election campaign but axelrod claims he will stay in the
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current position "well into 2011." and our reporter from the washington bureau. if he says he will stay that long why do we think he could leave sooner? >>reporter: people suggested he was leaving soon are but axelrod is the latest of many who are leaving or planning to leave after reports he was on the verge of departing he e-mailed and rahm emanuel said he will be here until 2011 and then will work on the re-election campaign, preferred outside of the white house. and the broader sense departures from the white house are not a surprise because people burn out. that happens quick are when it is not going well and the opposition is about to take over one house of congress. but karl rove a veteran of the bush white house says the average tenure of a senior aide is 18 months and he expected more departures the next year. in fact, several people in the
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national security area are expected to leave including defense secretary robert gates who spoke about that today. so, he is another one who is headed out. and with the loss of larry summers many say the white house needs to shift from academic economic advisers to bring in people from the business community who could give the president different advice about creating jobs. mentioned are long time c.e.o. of time warner and former c.e.o. of xerox. all the departures raise an interesting question: will new personnel mean changes in policy? especially if republicans take control of the house of representatives. >> are they going to move to the center? or stay left? outreach: are they going to talk with republicans in a cooperative and responsible way? are they going to engage in the political warfare we have seen from day one?
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>>reporter: remember what happened weapon bill clinton faced a republican congress, he shifted policies and says the time of big government is over and president obama said the time of big government is back. the question is, if personnel departures and new people coming in will lead to a shift in policies, as well. but a change in policies depends on what the president thinks. >>shepard: thank you from washington, dc. good to see you. republicans in the house of representatives have revealed what they call, have revealed a campaign pledge. today a dozen congressman and women joined other g.o.p. players at a company in virginia which is an example of the small business mentioned 20 times at the event to roll out the "pledge to america," as republicans are calling it. it is 21 pages and promised principles from the house of representatives including tax cutting, spending cutting, rolling back government regulations, repealing health care reform, which goes into
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effect today. and now on capitol hill, the republicans said give us control of the house of representatives and this is what we will do. >>reporter: they want to be pulling in government size and spending and say they are about getting the economy on track. they want to beef up national security and reform congress itself. it was an interesting moment today weapon house minority leader acknowledged that when the gop was in charming, we made some mistakes but he says republicans have learned their lesson, listened to the people. listen to him. we get it. we get it. and this is why when we outline it here, our "pledge to america," i can tell you, we are very serious about implementing our pledge. >>reporter: if they take the majority in november we will find out how they get it done. >>shepard: democrats responded quickly. >>reporter: they were reacting before we had the roll out. they say this ising in but old
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recycled ideas that did not work in the past and will not work now. the how majority whip said that the pledge is bad for america. here is his take. >> if this is implemented, what we are going to see is the infliction of a plague on america. "a plague on america," those are tough words. >>shepard: are there nods to the tea party movement influenced in the document? >>reporter: absolutely. we heard from congresswoman last night getting an idea of what was in the document and she start add tea party caucus in the house and says their ideas are throughout the document. and a lot of folks point to a key provision that requires lawmakers to include language in their bills pointing to the section of the constitution that allows them to actually pass that bill. they say that is something the tea party has been pushing for and it is in the document. >>shepard: thank you from the
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hill. a key hearing in what could become a landmark school bullying case. three of the teens accused of tore meanting this girl when she was alike to the point of suicide, if court today. stay tuned.
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>>shepard: the bullying case is back in a courtroom now as prosecutors try to shed light on what to expect in the trial. the case involved the death of this girl. investigators say a group of "mean girls," and two boys harassed the 15-year-old so relentlessly she killed herself in her bedroom after school. three girls today appeared in court. prosecutors say they plan to call 50 witnesses in their case. all three girls are charged with violation of civil rights and two face stalking charges. they pleaded not guilty. our chief correspondent has the news down in the newsroom. prosecutors say this is over some guy. >>reporter: they will use the 50 witnesses to paints the following picture: that phoebe
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prince has an intimate relationship with a football star who was seeing another girl on the right there, and subsequently saw the girl again. they will say that she led this group in bullying phoebe prince over her relationship with the football player, and they did it so relentlessly that on the afternoon of january 14 of this year she went home and hung herself. >>shepard: the guy has appeared in court but charged as an adult. >>reporter: he appeared in court last week charged as an adult. so did kayla and they are attorney said they did not wrong whatever, they never taunted phoebe verbally and they are going to ask the judge to have the charms against them thrown out. >>shepard: from what we read it appears this could be a difficult case for prosecutors. >>reporter: it does according
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to all legal experts present very difficult challenges not the least of which is proving that if indeed there were verbal tauntses they led directly to her taking her own life. defense lawyers in all of this, excuse me, the prosecution lawyers are going, rather, against lawyers are going to bring up the fact that she had a troubled background and she had a history of depression, and she had, according to her own mother, tried to harm herself in the past. so, a very difficult case, indeed, for prosecutors. >>shepard: thank you from the newsroom. joining in the conversation on our website on "on the hunt," on the lower right of the home page at fox a federal judge if new york city sentenced a pakistani scientist to 86 years in prison after her conviction on terror charges. the police arrested this woman
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in 2008 and while in jail she reportedly grabbed a gun and shot at several americans. we are told she was on the most wanted terrorist list for some time. the defense sought a 12 year sentence but prosecutors successfully painted her as a cold blooded radical who deserved life behind bars. and a floor a week is going up and fox news will keep track of everything going down there, the rebirth of the world trade center. we are committed and proud of it. the rebuilding has been emotional process for all. every family involved in the attack of 9/11 has a story to tell and so, too, does the owner of the property, larry
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silverstein. >> that morning my wife made an appointment for the skin doctor and my children were on the way to the twin towers and if the planes hit, if the first plane hit 15 minutes later our family would have been wiped. tonight, the latest in the series of the rise of freedom, at 7:00 eastern and 6:00 central. troubling new information in the trial of who accused of robbing, raping, and murdering and burning three female members of this family. a police investigator testified that the two suspects exchanged text messages hours before the crime and there are suspects are. wait until you hear what the messages said.
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>>shepard: the state of virginia is going ahead with an execution tonight of a woman whose attorney claims she is mentally challenged. the 41-year-old theresa lewis is scheduled to die at 9:00 eastern time by lethal injection after offering sex and money to her lover and his roommate if exchange for them killing her husband and his son. period of times say she wanted their life insurance payout. the case has gotten international attention. the iranian president has used the case to accuse the united states of hypocrisy and the europe union asked the virginia give to commute the life in prison saying they should not execute anyone with a mental disorder. >> and two men charged in a deadly home invasion in
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connecticut. a police investigator said the suspects exchanged messages hours before the attack and in the testimony the cops say they texted each other and "quote "i'm chomping at bit to get started. are we still on." and, yes, putting kid to bed, hold your horses, the investigator said he found eight graphic pictures taken of the victims on one of the suspect's cell phones. prosecutors say the two men broke into the home of the dr. william petit and took the family hostage and raped and murdered his wave, raped and newerred their 11-year-old daughter and set a fire which killed the two girls. the doctor was the only one to make it out. just barely. with us now is judge napolitano our senior judicial analyst and host of "freedom watch." i can't even ... you can't speak
3:22 pm
of how graphic and horrific this is. >> i have read the testimony and read the police reports and ... the state is authorized by the supreme court to execute people who commit murder plus some aggravating factor and aggravating factor is an aspect of the crime that makes it different from simple murder, somebody paid them to do it, they killed the victims to silence the victim from testifying. or, the crime was heinous, depraibed and cruel. without getting into details, they only have to prove one of those factors. this was as cruel as you can get. so heinous, you might be able to argue that no mentally sound person could possibly have done this to another human being. >>shepard: we are talking about a woman who ordered the killing, these three who were so heinous and cruel. i'm just saying, they get life
3:23 pm
in prison, right? >> we are talking about virginia or connecticut. >>shepard: i am stuck on the other. >> we had a famous case like this in new jersey that there was a best seller, a husband fired someone to kill the wife and the thugs are free and the husband is serving a life sentence. in virginia, the people that were hired by this woman to kill her husband and his son are serving a life sentence. she will be executed because the state cut a deal with them. this is like arguing how many angels are on the head of the pin. which is worst? paying someone to kill your husband? or to take the money and kill them. they are equally horrible. but virginia has chosen to execute the person who orchestrated the crime and incars rail for life those who perpetrated it. the connecticut case is the station i started to explain. >>shepard: those two guys just from the text messages.
3:24 pm
>>reporter: they have a bizarre defense. it is laughable but it is horrible. their defense is, they killed the people because the police did not get there in enough time to stop them. most judgments including the one speaking to you now when i sat on the bench would not permit a defense like this because it is absurd and preposterous. if that is a defense, it is a defense to any crime and no jury with accept it. >>shepard: by many, including that of the locals, the police, i don't know, behavior was not a model. >> they sat in the police car for 30 minutes while the rape, torture and murder went on. >>shepard: trying to figure what happened. >> they were criticized by other police for not invading the house but they can hardly be blamed for the murder which was perpetrated in a horrible way by the monstrous of people in recent history so graphic events
3:25 pm
that we cannot discuss in detail on television. >>shepard: so if you, to you allow the defense? they have allowed it. >> the judge indicated he will allow it. here is the reason for allowing the whacky defense. after conviction, with in basis for an appeal. if you do not allow the defense you could find a court that says, well, you should have allowed the defense and we will try it over. these cases cost $1 million to try. so it is better in the long run to let them make the crazy arguments to a jury and they will be convicted anyway. connecticut does in the do many executions. i was surprised myself, that the did defendants in this case, the curt cut murders, offered to plead guilty, save the state millions, in return for life in prison without parole and the state said "no, we want the
3:26 pm
death penalty." it will cost several million to prosecute you, this is the first of two trials. >>shepard: all right, judge. all gross. thank you. go ol' miss. >> i have never been to oxford. >>shepard: you have to come you will meet the coach and you will know they will win. they are young, inexperienced, but they will win. everyone knows this. they have to. i know how to make shep happy open the air. if you sat down to dinner with ahmadinejad, which our next best did, what would you ask?
3:27 pm
stay tuned.
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>>shepard: and now time for the top of the news on studio b, the iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad will speak at the u.n. any minute and the president of georgia is there now. this, of course, is the man would has claimed his country's
3:30 pm
nuclear program is for peaceful purposes despite evidence according to our government to the contrary. and he denied the holocaust happened and israel should be wiped off the map bringing out protests who are unhappy of ahmadinejad idea's presence at the u.n. our next guest sat town for -- down for dipper with president ahmadinejad last night. how was dinner? >> the food was good. the din was long. when we have one of these, this is the sixth, the questions have been tough. i say a third of them were on nuclear and we asked about wiping israel off the map and asked about afghanistan, and u.s. relations and the issues including human rights. tough questions. >>shepard: did you get answers? >> well ... sometimes yes.
3:31 pm
you learn by in direction. so i am able to, having done this, compare it to what has happened in the past. i have seen different presidents show up over the years, the fiery president, and the teacher president, and this was different. >>shepard: this was the most anding thing about the "booking sheet," as we call it. that was that he was all chill. >> the kinder and more gentle ahmadinejad and there is a reason and what i would have predicted. for most politicians showing up they are not speaking to the people in the room but the audience is back home. that is who they are trying to influence and that is true of president obama today. for president ahmadinejad there are deep political divisions in iran and it is not the folks in the streets after the election, it is pro ahmadinejad hard-liners versus antiahmadinejad hard-liners and the clergy versus ahmadinejad.
3:32 pm
so there is a problem there and what he is trying to do is act like a statesman and prove his position back home and not cause trouble that will catch up. >>shepard: like around, well, not like but in that president obama has people pulling on him from the left. and pulling on him from the right. and he has the clergy, the mull laws are saying women going to school is too mod were. you have to stop it. >> he is a social reformer. and the other irony, what you say is true, he said women could go to soccer and said the police do not have to crack down on head scarves, so, that alienated the clergy and other pockets of resistance. the arch rival who he had the problems with is head of the legislature, the congress. and the other irony, of everyone in tehran, ahmadinejad is most interested in negotiating with the united states.
3:33 pm
>>shepard: he has the most to gain? >> he does and the opponents have the most to game by stopping it. >>shepard: there are man problems in iran, serious financial problems, and serious shortages, i assume, but heel not talk about it as a result of the sanctions. >> sanctions add to it but there is economic mismanagement and the price of oil. a lot is going on. but compared to other countries in the gulf they have not seep the economic growth the other countries have seen and they have unemployment issues. >>shepard: before he came over here, our reporter interviewed him from abc, and he is making the rounds. when he comes to fox, he is, i don't what he is up to, trying to send a message to his folks "look at me," i am trying to work it out with the presidents. >> the president of uruguay is not getting the interviews, but that helps back home. >>shepard: what is
3:34 pm
frustrating, and i am sure you found this, you do not learn a lot but as you mentioned in the way he did not answer the question. >> and corrections. you are using a translator and he does not usually talk in english. mostly by translator which is safe. the translator is translating, the 5th question of the nuclear issue and the translator says, we have a right to be a nuclear power. which you could interpret broadly as meaning a nuclear weapon state. and he corrected her and said "no, that is not what i said, i said we have a right to a civilian nuclear program." >>shepard: interesting. always good to talk to you. the food? >> traditional persian food and rice and lamb and the whole nine yards. good to see you. >>shepard: i am scheduled to interview ahmadinejad tomorrow
3:35 pm
and we will play that for you on studio b and on the fox report. especially if we learn anything interesting. mexico, a deadlily country for journalists, and some reporters say they have had to choose between reporting the news and keeping their families alive. now the mexican president says he has a plan to protect journalists. journalists. stay tuned. delicious news for dessert lovers. introducing new activia dessert. rich yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake and peach cobbler. mmm. you've got to try this. new activia dessert. ♪ activia
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3:39 pm
a plane tale disabled man and hurt four more. they say they opened fire after someone fired at them. that was a lie proved in court. according to the court documents, the detective learned next day the victims were innocent and he worked with his supervisor to create a false report to make it appear the shootings were justified. they were not. he is one of five former officers pleading guilty in the case. mexico's brutal drug war prompting a new inform for journalists in mexico report what the corrupt cops want. from the real fear that the reporters or their families will be kidnapped or murdered. here is a funeral for a mexican reporter killed if broad daylight last week, for just doing his job. we are told he is one of more than 30 reporters who has been killed or disappeared since the
3:40 pm
war on drug cartels began fur years ago and now the president of the country is announcing a plan to protect journalists and the information they attempt to pass along. trace has the news from the west coast. how does the mexican president plan to do this? >>reporter: he is planning a number of things but experts are critical. they say they will start an early warning system giving journalist as direct line to believes but critics say the cartel dozen not warn journalists they just kill them. the president also wants to create a council to figure out why reporters are being targeted to which critics say it is obvious: the cartel dozen not like what they write and do not like what they are saying or where they put their nose. and he wants to create if you laws to protect journalists but the current laws do not seem to be that effective. >>shepard: i was fascinating to learn one of the newspapers put out a request to the drug cartels saying, what do you want
3:41 pm
us to do? tell us what to do and we will do it. they run the whole area there. it is not the cops or the government but the drug cartel. >>reporter: good point. that newspaper is the biggest newspaper just across the rio grande from el paso, the same size as san diego and that newspaper came out with an editorial and they are asking the cartels say you are the authorities in this city, tell us what you expect us to do. now, clearly, the newspapers saying we are not intending this message to be at the cartels, but an open message but a lot of people say, well, that is not the case. it looked like surrender. >>shepard: thank you, trace. and now to the u.n. where ahmadinejad is on his feet to the general assembly. >> i am grateful to the almighty god who granted me the opportunity to appear before
3:42 pm
this world assembly once again. i wish to begin by commemorting those would lost their lives in the horrible flood in pakistan and express my heartfelt sympathy with the families would lost their loved ones as well as the people and the government of pakistan. i urge much to assist their fellow men and women as a humane duty. allow me to to thank the president of the u.n. general assembly for his efforts during his tenure. i would like to congratulate the president of the 65th session of the u.n. general assembly and wish him success. in colleagues, in past years i spoke to you about some hopes and concerns, some concerns involved the crisis in families, the security challenge, and
3:43 pm
disrespect for human dignity, the deterioration of world economy, climate change, and disregard for human aspirations to achieve justice and peace. after 100 years of domination, the existing world order is unable to provide appropriate solutions to the problems society faces. so the demise has arrived and i shall try to examine causes and have features for an ideal order. the first cause relates to our attitude and beliefs. as you are well aware, divine prophet has the mission to invite everyone to mono theism, to love and justice, and to
3:44 pm
showman kind the path to prosperity. they invite men to contemplation and to seek knowledge in order to better appreciate the truth and to refrain from atheism and egoism. the essence of the message of prophets is one and the same. every messenger has endorsed the messenger before him and given glad tidings about the next prophet to come who presented a more complete version of the religion in accordance with mass capacity at the time. this trend continues until the last messenger of god who presented the perfection of an all inclusive religion. in opposition to the call by the
3:45 pm
prophets, the egoist revolted against their messages and abraham was countered, and moss was countered and the greedy countered jesus christ and mohammed. may peace be upon all our prophets. human ethics and values have been rejected in recent centuries as a cause for backwardness. they were portrayed as part of science because the proclaimers of religion in the dark ages of the west inflicted man with backwardness and therefore man's disconnection from human has detached him from his true self and man with his potential to
3:46 pm
understand the secrets of the universe, and his aspiration for justice and perfection, his quest for beauty difficult and purity and his capacity as god is said to represent others, is restricted by the material loving world. and human instinct replaced true human nature. human beings and nations are considered rivals and the happiness of an individual or a nation is upheld at the cost of others to the point of eliminating or suppressing others rather than developing a constructive and evolutionary method of cooperation, it was replaced by a destructive struggle for survival. the last capital and domination
3:47 pm
replaced monotoism and this wide-spread clash of eeg go gave way to slavery and colonialism. a large part of the world came under the domination of a few when states and tens of millions of people were taken to slavery and tens of millions of families were shattered and all the resources and rights were taken, and lands were occupied and local people were humiliated and mass murder occurred. yet, the nations rose up. colonialism was eliminated and independence of nations was recognized. thus, the hope for respect,
3:48 pm
prosperity, and security, was revived among the nations. in the beginning of the past century, beautiful models of democracy created hope for healing the wounds of the past. today, however, not only those dreams are not realized, but memories, even at times, more bitter than before, have been recorded in our history. as a result of the two world wars, the occupation of palestine, the korean and vietnam wars, the iraqi war, the iraq war against iran, and the occupation of afghanistan and iraq and many wars in africa, hundreds of millions of people were killed, wounded or displaced. terrorism, drug production, and
3:49 pm
poverty, and the social gap have increased. the dictator governments in latin america committed unprecedented crimes with the support of the west. instead of disarmament, the proliferation and stockpiling of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons expanded facing the world a largest threat. as a result, apparently, the same old goals of colonialists and the slave masters, were pursued but this time around, it was with a new front. the second cause for the failure of the existing world order and capitalism, has to do with the country global management and its ruling structures. the league of nations and after
3:50 pm
that the u.n. were established with the promise to bring about peace, security, and the realization of human rights, which, in fact, meant a global management, one can analyze the current system of governing of world affairs by examining these events. first is the event of the 9/11 which has, indeed, affected the entire world for almost a decade. we recall that at the time suddenly, the news of an attack on the twin towers was period of time. using numerous footages of the incident, almost all governments and everyone that matters condemned this incident but, then, a propaganda machine came into full force, and it was said that the world was supposed to a huge danger, that of terrorism,
3:51 pm
and that the only way to save the world was to deploy forces in afghanistan. eventually, afghanistan and shortly thereafter, iraq, were occupied. now, take note: it was said that 3,000 people were killed on 9/11 for which we are all very saddened yet until now, in afghanistan, and in iraq, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, millions wounded, and displaced and the conflict is still going on and, expanding. in identifying those responsible behind the 9/11 attack, there were three viewpoints: first, that a very powerful and complex terrorist group able to successfully cross all layers of the american intelligence and security carried out the attack. this is the prevalent viewpoint which has been supported mainly and add voktded -- advocated by
3:52 pm
american statesman. and second, some in the american people orchestrated to this to reverse the declining american economy and the grip on the middle east in order to save the regime. >>shepard: that is ahmadinejad speaking at the united nations. >>reporter: he talked about sympathy for pakistan trying to appear like a world leader and reaching out to people in his region and talks about ethics and human values and he talks about ploases, and jesus christ, and trying to say that he is a man of ethics and values and he invoked traditional antiimperialist things, capitalism that caused our problems, probably smart politics at a time when there is a world economic recession for the people he is trying to talk to, the poor people in and around iran and the middle east. >>shepard: and now he is jumping into 9/11.
3:53 pm
>>reporter: he is losing it. >>shepard: one delegation just walked out. >>reporter: we got this last night at the dipper, that he seems to be trying to make an argument that went to war and caused a lot of wars because we made a profit from selling arms to go to war. that obviously is a problematic point of view. >>shepard: and he kept talking but we will not going to. that's it. thank you for speaking. i am sure the foreclosure crisis is not bad enough and now the system designed to fix the problem is filled with scams and predators. @=h
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>>shepard: well he is still at it. the israeli delegation was not there for ahmadinejad, and when he talked about 9/11 being an inside job, not only did the united states delegation leave the room, so did the british delegation, not all that unusual when ahmadinejad speaks but worth noting, and i am sure as i mentioned if you want to see this, you can see it somewhere else. i will interview president ahmadinejad tomorrow, and i will ask him about what he mentioned today and a host of other stuff
3:57 pm
if i am given the opportunity. we believe that will happen tomorrow. a new report paints a new and frightening picture of the nation's foreclosure system. according to the reporting of the "washington post", the system is riddled with phony signatures, predatory lenders, looking to take advantage. and in some cases it appears judges have ignored it. and now, the anchor of the willis report on the fox business network. a lot of the forks could be reversed; why? >>reporter: a lot of the document station the banks were supposed to have for taking people through foreclosure, they did not have it. people were in the doing their job. document processors are supposed to put together the information for the foreclosure proceedings and they are called robo signers like automatically signing and
3:58 pm
throwing up, work their way through the documentation. one fellow would did 100,000 of the deals a month. one a minute. that's what it came down, all the time he had to process the documentation. so at the end of the day they don't know if they have the right stuff. and as a matter of fact because you remember all the packages done on the mortgages and it is not uncommon to not know who owns it and this stuff was lost. they lost it. they don't know if they own your mortgage. >>shepard: so what does this mean going forward? >>reporter: if the bank cannot find your material, if they did not bring the right material to court they cannot proceed with your foreclosure. so you might be able to protest a foreclosure and get the bank to stop. i suggest if you are one of those people who is in foreclosure right now you get some help. >>shepard: they are, you have
3:59 pm
to watch for those who are supposed to help you. >>reporter: always on a local level there are people hungry looking to do some work. >>shepard: it feels like everything is a please. that is oversimplifying. >>reporter: i feel that way every day shep. >>shepard: getting taxed to death. we will watch you this afternoon at 5:00 eastern. the willis report, love the graphics. sit a great look. on the fox business network and if you don't get the fox business network, demand it. hope you shorted today, the dow was off slightly, not so

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